Tarot Wisdom

Expand your Tarot practice with transformative, self-paced Tarot courses.

The Gypsy Dreaming Tarot Academy is more than a learning platform...it is the home of all things Tarot.

Gypsy Dreaming Tarot offerings are pre-recorded, inclusive, heart centered tarot wisdom.

For folks who may be brand new to the Tarot, who are seeking a supportive environment to play, book readings, seek guidance or for those want to step up their tarot practice to a business, this is the heart and home of tarot that provides what you need to know.

Deepen the trust in your magic. Connect to your soul intuition and immerse yourself in traditional card reading that takes you on a journey through the eyes of a traditional Romani Gypsy Tarot reader!

"The Tarot cards contain the secrets of the universe. Tarot is an astonishing dimension of occult wisdom. It is only through the discovery of our own deep layers that our higher spiritual selves can be explored, and the secrets and lessons learned.
Once you allow your soul to open up to the possibilities, the ancient symbols of the tarot will reveal themselves".
Joanne Walmsley

Because the Tarot Academy offers self guided courses, participants will be free to explore the material at whatever pace and order they like.

Tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy, whereby practitioners use Tarot cards purportedly to gain insight into the past, present or future. They formulate a question, then draw cards to interpret them for this end

A regular tarot deck consists of 78 cards, which can be split into two groups, the Major and Minor Arcana

Tarot is often used in conjunction with the study of the Hermetic Qabalah

The meanings and many of the illustrations showed the influence of astrology, as well as Qabalistic principles

"Learning Tarot has taught me deep life lessons. It was truly unexpected".

"I am eternally grateful for having this learning experience. I had struggled to connect the card meanings but now i read with connection and clarity."